Źródło: Warsaw Business Journal, 20 grudnia 2004

Staying ahead of the education pack

    Is it possible to create a business school in Poland that will be recognized worldwide and will attract foreign students?

    Absolutely, and WSB-NLU is becoming exactly that. You need an idea, determination and a clearly defined goal. For me, that goal is a student-oriented school, an institution whose only purpose is to provide the finest education. [The school] wasn't only my idea, but the product of a few people's initiative. This idea, when put into action, acted as a catalyst for regional and social development.

    The closed environment of Nowy Sącz does not allow students to practise their business skills. Is that a problem?

    It is, but one must remember that 70 percent of our students come from outside of Małopolska. In such a small town, students have to depend on each other and this creates a very exclusive atmosphere. Every year a maximum of 10 graduates asks for my assistance in finding a job; the rest do it totally on their own.

    Many students in large cities start working during their studies, which gives them a competitive edge. How do you compete with this?

    [My students] spend more time with studies and extracurricular activities. That's why in WSB-NLU there are so many student-run organizations and clubs. Few jobs today are purely part-time, usually they squeeze everything out of the student and he or she has no time for anything else.

    Isn't the fee a type of financial selection?

    The fee is kept at a relatively low level for the quality of education we provide. It's becoming more popular with students who have to self-finance. Typically, they leave for work and travel programs in the U.S. during vacation, and with the money they earn they pay for their fees. We also provide scholarships.

    Nowy Sącz has educational centers in Poland, but does this make it difficult to establish a solid didactical base?

    Every obstacle can be turned into an opportunity. Now we are the first private school in Poland that is building it's own didactical base. In the year 2001 we had 14 full-time PhD lecturers, today we've got 44. At the moment there are 96 students from 16 countries in the school. In 2002, we introduced an English path of Business Studies and there is a maximum of 36 students in a group.

    Why do foreigners choose WSB-NLU?

    The same reason why the China Scholarship Council chose us. We do our craft reliably. We did not build this school for the professors, but for the students.

    What I want to provide to my students is an opportunity to make worldwide friends. In a global economy this is the competitive edge. Some see China as a threat, I see it as an opportunity.

    Unfortunately, we are already encountering problems. The visa consul in China denied nine applications by Chinese students coming to WSB-NLU. I take it as a personal offence and I warn others to bless themselves five times before they deny another application.

    The school is due to introduce a new form of master's degree, isn't it?

    I have that Japanese mentality: take the latest technologies from others, perfect it and kill the competition.

    In cooperation with three other European universities-Fachhochschule Hof in Germany, Universita degli Studi del Molise in Campobasso, Italy and the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Grenoble, France-we are introducing a two-year master's program, in English, with each semester in a different university, due to start in October 2005. Upon completion the student receives four different master's diplomas, from each participating university.

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